The Requirements of Tooth Contouring Treatment

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If you’re about to improve a stubborn, unattractive, and oddly shaped tooth with tooth contouring treatment, then you’re on your way toward a beautiful and attractive smile. Before you begin treatment, our dentist, Dr. Bachar Saba, will need to make sure you meet the specific requirements for treatment.

The first requirement is to have thick tooth enamel. This is important because your dentist will remove about 1-2 millimeters of enamel during the treatment. To determine the thickness of the enamel, he will take a series of dental X-rays. If your enamel is too thin, your dentist will recommend placing a dental veneer or dental crown over the tooth instead.

The second requirement is to have healthy teeth and gums. This is important because certain dental issues can affect the tooth that is receiving treatment. For example, if you have gum disease, your bone structure might not be strong enough to undergo treatment. So, if you have an unhealthy tooth or surrounding teeth as well as unhealthy gums, your dentist might recommend a different treatment.

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