There Are Several Factors That All Contribute to Maintaining Good Oral Health

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A healthy mouth free of cavities, gum disease, and oral health conditions, can be a great benefit to your overall quality of life. To aid in this worth effort the American Dental Association offers a series of guidelines, recommendations, and informational tools.

The first step in maintaining a healthy mouth calls for a consistent daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least one time.

You should brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a brand of toothpaste with mild abrasives and added fluoride. Make sure to brush each tooth individually making small circles. Fully brushing both sets of teeth should take your around two to three minutes, twice each day.

Don’t forget to floss between each of your teeth, into the gumline and behind each of your rear molars. If you have a hard time working floss between your teeth, you might want to try using waxed dental floss. The waxy coating makes it easier to slip the strain of floss into tight spaces without accidentally forcing it into your gums.

The quality of your oral hygiene products can also be a factor. You should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The small logo on the packaging certifies that the ADA has tested it for safe and effective oral use. They also maintain an updated index on their website of all approved products.

The American Dental Association also recommends having dental checkup administered by a dentist like Dr. Bachar Saba every six months. This outpatient appointment will effectively remove hardened tartar and monitor your mouth for signs cavities and gum disease. The check-up also includes a basic cancer screening to detect early signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer.

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