The Tooth-Friendly Foods and Drinks You Should Have on Thanksgiving

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Do you want a strong and healthy smile this Thanksgiving? If so, you need to think twice about the food and treats on the dinner table before you dig in. This is important because there are tooth-harming products you should avoid. As long as you stick to the tooth-healthy Thanksgiving foods, you should be on the right track toward your Thanksgiving smile goals. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Bachar Saba, is happy to list the tooth-healthy Thanksgiving foods in Walpole, Massachusetts.

The first tooth-healthy food is turkey. Turkey is packed with protein and it can help build strong teeth and healthy gums. Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner, so don’t be afraid to gobble it up!

The second tooth-healthy food are yams. Yams are filled with Vitamins A and C, which help you have healthy and strong oral tissues (gums). So, feel free to load your plate with yams—just make sure they aren’t candied. If they are candied, which means covered in sugar, they can be very dangerous for the teeth. Sugar is a major cause of cavities.

The third tooth-healthy food are dairy products. Dairy products contain calcium—a high amount of calcium—which is a beneficial mineral that strengthens your bones and teeth. So, don’t be afraid to have some cheese and milk as well as get seconds!

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