You Should Abstain from Smoking or Vaping After Oral Surgery

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There are several forms of oral surgery performed at B. SABA DMD, PC’s clinic in Walpole, Massachusetts. This might include tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, gum surgery, and dental implant restorations.

While each of these treatments addresses different oral health issues, they all tend to alter the periodontal tissues to some degree. Applying some basic aftercare measures will help maintain your comfort during recovery, while also limiting your chances of suffering a serious periodontal infection.

Dr. Bachar Saba and his staff specialists will provide you with any specific aftercare instructions. This might also include a prescription for anti-inflammatory, pain management medications. If the oral surgery involved removing infected material from your gums or other soft tissues, he might also include a prescription for antibiotics.

It’s also important to understand that certain lifestyle choices and habits can have a negative effect on the recovery process. This includes tobacco use and vaping.

The heat, tar, and other chemicals that are introduced into your mouth by these lifestyle habits can cause significant irritation to the healing tissues. This can increase recovery time and potentially promote a dangerous infection in the healing soft tissues.

You should also note that the suction from smoking and vaping can traumatize an incision site, or pull a blood clot loose.

If you have an oral surgery scheduled practice_name]’s clinic in Walpole, Massachusetts, and you have an aftercare question, you can always call 508-668-1531 to speak to Dr. Bachar Saba or a member of staff.