The First Stage of Gum Disease

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When we’re talking about gum disease, it’s always better to catch it sooner than later. Gum disease, which is also defined as periodontal disease and which comes in different types, is actually reversible in its early phases. Read below to learn a little more about gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, and what our dentist may be able to do to cure it.

In gingivitis, the gums have become swollen due to bacteria made by food debris left in your mouth after eating and not dislodged during brushing. Signs of gingivitis may include swollen and slightly bleeding gums that might damage when they’re touched. Fortunately, with a short service from the staff at B. SABA DMD, PC, gingivitis is usually reversible. When you come see us, our dental assistants or our dentist will give your mouth a professional cleaning and optional gum cleaning treatment. With their expertise and a little discipline to brush and floss twice per day, you’ll most likely be on the way to gum disease recuperation and a brighter smile.

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