Cavity Symptoms You Can Recognize

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If you have developed tooth decay, we encourage you to visit the dentist as soon as you can because cavities that aren’t treated can grow and become more complicated to address. Cavities can even result in the need for root canal therapy to preserve the tooth. We invite you to learn how to detect the symptoms of a cavity so that you can receive treatment before the tooth decay is severe.

Because you may not notice the presence of a cavity right away, it’s important to schedule routine visits to our dentist every six months so that you can receive an exam from our team, who will inspect your mouth for areas that are vulnerable and to help you prevent significant dental issues. However, if you feel like you have developing tooth decay now, you don’t need to wait until it’s time for a scheduled dental checkup to receive treatment.

Dental pain is one of the common signs of cavities, and some patients suffer from constant tooth pain while other patients bite down and then feel pain. If you suddenly develop tooth sensitivity, this may be a warning that you have a developing cavity. Sometimes, you can even see cavities on your teeth as spots that look black or dark brown or are even visible holes in the tooth enamel surface.

If we can detect a cavity early, we may be able to provide conservative dental treatment such as placing a simple dental bond to treat tooth decay if it has not reached below the tooth enamel. If the tooth beyond the enamel has been affected, we may need to provide a dental filling or crown after removing the decay.

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