The Inside Scoop on Enamel Erosion

Do you know the inside scoop on enamel erosion? If not, this blog is right for you! Your tooth enamel is a crucial point when it comes to protecting your oral health. That is why it is essential to know all you can about your tooth enamel, which includes understanding... Read more »

Protect Your Smile From Dental Hazards

You deserve to have a smile that is healthy and beautiful, and our dentist and team encourage you to achieve that smile by maintaining good oral hygiene and having dental checkups twice a year. Good dental habits are key to preventing tooth damage caused by substances and activities that are... Read more »

Cavity Symptoms You Can Recognize

If you have developed tooth decay, we encourage you to visit the dentist as soon as you can because cavities that aren’t treated can grow and become more complicated to address. Cavities can even result in the need for root canal therapy to preserve the tooth. We invite you to... Read more »

Is Bruxism Sending You to a Sleep Clinic?

The common sleep disorder called sleep apnea is discovered many times by your dentist before your doctor. This is because a dental disorder closely related to sleep apnea is bruxism, the damaging habit of grinding teeth or clenching the jaw. The may be wear on your teeth, wounds in your... Read more »

Flossing for Your Health

Were you aware that flossing could be as important to your dental health as brushing your teeth daily? This could be one of the reasons why dentists always ask if you are flossing at home. Brushing your teeth can be great for cleaning plaque from the chewing surfaces of your... Read more »

How to Approach Persistent Sour Breath

Having bad breath is never pleasant, but it is often caused by poor diet and oral care and can be remedied by improving oral hygiene habits such as daily brushing, flossing and antibacterial mouthwash use. However, the development of halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is often an indication of a... Read more »

The Procedures That Can Treat Your Cracked Tooth

Have you recently cracked a tooth? If so, our dentists, Dr. Bachar Saba and Associates, encourage you to call B. SABA DMD, PC and schedule an appointment. The sooner you get the crack treated, the better. When you come to our office, our dentist will be happy to help you... Read more »

Understanding Dental Facts on Dental Bridges

When the time comes to enhance your oral health, it is always important to look for the treatments that best fit your health care needs. If you have enjoyed food such as steaks or other chewy materials, dentures may not be the best option. It is because dentures can potentially... Read more »

Information About Dental Bonding

Have you ever wished there was a cosmetic dentistry procedure that could change the look and shape of your teeth without drastically altering the tooth itself? If you have any kind of oral accidents or injuries to your teeth and have sustained chips or cracks to a tooth yet the... Read more »

A Tongue Injury Might Require Basic First-Aid

Household falls and sports injuries are often leading causes of tongue injuries. This often causes the lower jaw to bite down hard on the tongue applying excessive force and possible soft tissue trauma. The damage to your tongue and other oral tissues might range in severity. Sometimes pain and bleeding... Read more »