Computerized Appointments & Treatments

Advances in computer technology allow for the office of B. SABA DMD, PC to use computerized appointments and treatment software for our patients. This means we use software that allows online booking and records patient treatments. There are many benefits to using a complete digital software system, such as:

  • Saves space and reduces the chances of records being lost or destroyed
  • Everything is organized in one location – this ensures speedier access with more accurate dental records
  • Automated email and text message reminders
  • Recording and record-keeping capabilities to make data easier to access
  • Can be used for a variety of services
  • Saves time and money – our dental team can spend more time with our patients and other important tasks, instead of on the phone booking and managing appointments.; it also saves on paper and printing costs.
  • 24-hour convenience – since scheduling appointments over the phone can usually only be done during business hours, there is limited time for patients to call because they are often at work.

This system also makes it much easier for Dr. Saba and Associates to access patients’ records and plan their day more effectively. For more information on our computer software system, please contact our dentists in Walpole, Massachusetts, at 508-668-1531. We look forward to being your dental team!

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